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I’m working since years with Eclipse as my IDE and I used uncount projects from Eclipse over all the years.

Some of the highlights each year are the Eclipse Conferences and so I started writing ConferenceApps some years ago with BlackBerry OS 7 and now with BlackBerry 10. Conference2Go EclipseCon is the first of my Conference2Go apps running on the brandnew BlackBerry 10 OS – written as native application with Cascades and of course Eclipse Momentics IDE.

Conference2Go shows you all the Speaker, Sessions, Workshops and you can prepare your schedule.

One problem for me at conferences was always that I’m sitting there with my smartphone and want to make some notes to read them later again at home from my Mac. But hand written notes are not easy to manage. So I integrated Remember – BlackBerry 10’s notebook APP – into my Conference2Go APP. I’m selecting a notebook synchronized with Evernote, so all is by magic at my desktop when I’m coming home. Nothing lost ! To make it easy, you can write notes directly from the Session Detail Page, where the Session Title is also your Notebook entry title.

Same with twitter: sometimes you want to tweet about a Speaker – now it’s easy: if the spekaer has given his twitter account name to EclipseCon, you can tweet directly from the Speaker Detail Page. Or you can twet from the SessionDetail Page about the Session itself.

these are only some of the highlights.

As all my applications: Conference2Go EclipseCon tries to  100% following the BlackBerry 10 Cascades UI Guidelines to guarantee the BlackBerry 10 Flow experience.

Have fun !

Conference2Go EclipseCon is developed by ekke – an Independent Software Architect from Germany.

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