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Here you’ll find the most asked questions HowTo use OpenDataSpace for BlackBerry 10.

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Q: What is a Dataspace ?

A: The DataSpace is the complete data you stored at OpenDataSpace (ODS) – compare it with a virtual volume.

Q: What are the DataRooms ?

A: DataRooms are at the root of your data stored at OpenDataSpace.

If you have registered (FREE) for ODS and logged in from your desktop, you’ll get a better overview on the structure then from a small Smartphone screem.

DataRooms are managed “Folders”: you decide who’ll get rights to this.

Important: You cannot store / upload Files directly to the DataSpace – only to DataRooms or SubFolders of DataRooms.

Start ODS and sync with the server: from Tab DataSpace you’ll get a list of your DataRooms – maybe only one Room.

New DataRooms can only be added by the Administrator from the Web, where you also manage all User Rights.

Tap on a DataRoom to see the content.

Q: What is inside a DataRoom ?

A: Inside a DataRoom you’ll find Files, Folders or Subrooms.

  • Files are single Files from different Types like .txt, .doc, .pdf, .png…
  • Folders can be created from the APP: simply click on “Create Folder” at the Bottom ActionBar.
  • SubRooms are like Folders, but they’re managed Folders where the Admin can decide who has access to this SubRoom and can read oder write.

Using a DataRoom with nested SubRooms the Admin can create a tree of managed Folders. (SubRooms have a cloud inside their Folder Icon)

LongPress on a Folder or SubRoom: Info will show you some infos about the hierarchy of selected Folder.

LongPress on a Folder also allows you to rename the Folder.

Q: What can I do with a File from ODS ?

A: Do a LongPress on a File in the list or a single Tap to open the Info Page.

Then you’ll see all the  Menu Options:

  • Share a Link with others via BBM
  • Share a Link with others via Mail
  • Start a BBM Chat to discuss about a File with other users from your ODS.
  • Download the file to view the content.
  • Delete the File.

Q: Where is my downloaded File ?

A: In your list of Files you’ll notice that downloaded Files are now marked with a Downloaded-from-Cloud Icon.

These Files are stored inside the secure Sandbox of your Application. From Infopage or Menu you can “View” the File. View will open the File in standard native File Viewer. Some of the Viewers (like Doc-to-Go) allow you to edit and store the File.

Hint: If you edit the File, the edited copy is stored on your Device or SD Card – depends from the Viewer and where you saved the file.

If you want to send the modified File to the Server you can upload the File (see below) – it’s up to you if you store it under a new name or replace the old one.

Q: How can I upload a File ?

A: At first go to the destination Folder where you want to store the File on your ODS Server. Or create a new Folder.

From Options Menu you have many different choices to select or even to create / capture a File to upload:

  • Select a Document (opens native FilePicker to select a Document from FileSystem)
  • Select / Capture Image (opens native FilePicker to select an Image from FileSystem or to use the Camera to capture an Image)
  • Select / Capture Video (opens native FilePicker to select a Video from FileSystem or to use the Camera to capture a Video)
  • Select Voice (opens native FilePicker to select a captured Audio File from FileSystem)
  • Dictaphone (opens a Dictaphone to record Audio. Store recorded Voice and then select to upload)
  • Select Music (opens native FilePicker to select a Music File from FileSystem)
  • Select Book (opens native FilePicker to select an eBook from FileSystem)
  • Select Other (opens native FilePicker to pick a File from FileSystem)

OpenDataSpace is developed by ekke – an Independent Software Architect from Germany.

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