OpenDataSpace is a native BlackBerry 10 Client APP to connect to OpenDataSpace Cloud from SSPE. You’ll find more info on OpenDataSpace here.

OpenDataSpace is a secure way to access and share your data. There’s a FREE Account for 2 GB and 5 Users.

For Enterprise IT:

Open Data Space is easy to incorporate into your existing business processes. SSP Europe GmbH integrated Secure Data Space at Orange Austria. After 6 months more than 15.000 accounts proved this joint case to be highly successful. More here

For Developers:

The BB10 Client App is completely open source (ASL2). The full source code of the Cascades client and a development account on an ODS server is accessible. More here

Open Source:

Sources of the BlackBerry 10 Cascades are at Github.


OpenDataSpace for BlackBerry 10 follows the Cascades UI Design Guidelines and is certified as “Built For BlackBerry”.

OpenDataSpace integrates BBM and native Apps and uses native Viewer to take a look at up/downloaded files. Links can be shared via BBM or eMail.

If you want to test only – use the TestDrive Account, but be aware that content can be deleted. Registering for OpenDataSpace is free and easy – please go to this site from Web or to this side from your BlackBerry 10 Device.

You have questions ? take a look at the FAQ from Application Menu.

You have a Feature Request or a Comment ? use the Feedback from Application Menu.


OpenDataSpace is developed by ekke – an Independent Software Architect from Germany.

You need an app ? ask ekke

You’re a developer and want to develope Apps like this one ? attend a workshop to learn more about Cascades

ekkes is member of ….

BlackBerry Elite

about ekke

About ekke


Cascades Trainings, Workshops, Bootcamps

APP Development for YOU

International development of high quality mobile Applications for YOU.

ekkes apps: Conference2Go JAX

Conference2Go JAX

Built for BlackBerry

Conference2Go JAX is
Built for BlackBerry

ekkes apps: Conference2Go EclipseCon

Conference2Go EclipseCon

Built for BlackBerry

Conference2Go EclipseCon is
Built for BlackBerry

ekkes apps: OpenDataSpace


Built for BlackBerry

OpenDataSpace is
Built for BlackBerry

ekkes apps: AllAboutMyB-101


ekkes-apps: TeaTimer

ekkes TeaTimer

Built for BlackBerry

ekkes Tea Timer is
Built for BlackBerry

ekkes-apps: ServiceCars


(c) 2012 Creative Commons License 3.0 (BY-NC-SA) by ekkescorner

About ekkescorner

ekke (Ekkehard Gentz): International Development native Mobile Business Apps BlackBerry 10 | Qt Mobile (Android, iOS) workshops, trainings, bootcamps and consulting. BlackBerry Elite Developer BlackBerry Platin Enterprise Partner ekke works as Independent Softwarearchitect in the domain of business applications (ERP) since more then 30 years. He likes to develop high quality mobile apps for customers around the world. ekke is speaker on national and international developer conferences, writes articles, blogs at and tweets @ekkescorner. more infos on native mobile app development: ekke lives in the south of Germany and in his spare time he likes to travel with family as backpacker to greek islands.
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