F A Q (BlackBerry Jam Asia 2013 Conference App)

Here you’ll find the most asked questions HowTo use BlackBerry Jam Asia 2013 Conference App.

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Q: Are Koyboard Shortcuts supported for Q10 ?

A: Yes ! BlackBerry Jam Asia Conference App supports shortcuts – here are some of them listed:

  • <d> switches the day (Sessions, Tracks, Audience, Agenda) – <d> cycles through the days
  • <s>
    • from Session Detail: adds / removes a session from your schedule
    • from Session Lists: toggles between  show only scheduled Sessions or all
    • from Speaker List: searches a Speaker
  • <i>
    • from Session Details: adds / removes a session from your interests
    • from Session Lists: toggles between show only Sessions from Interests or all
  • <o> pushes the session overview on top
  • <r> shows the room of a session
  • <e> opens Notebook entry to edit your notes

in session / tracks / audience – lists you can use default shortcuts like

  • <t> Goto top of list
  • <b> GoTo bottom of list
  • <n> shows next section of sessions
  • <p> shows previous section of sessions
  • <SPACE> one screen forward
  • <SHIFT SPACE> one screen back

have fun

Q: What is in the Overview page visible ?

A: t’s not easy to get the overview on a conference with many sessions, tracks, schedule, interests …

The Overview page will help you.  This page is always created dynamically on-the-fly.

Vertical you see the timescale with markers every 30 minutes

Horizontally you see the columns for each room

Every session has exactly the height calculated from duration – so you easy see free slots

In the Top-Left corner you see the selected conference day

The overview only displays what you have selected in your list: if only favorites are selected – the overview only shows favorites per ex.

In most cases it’s easier to see the content from Overview in landscape format. You can use your fingers to zoom-in or zoom-out

You can tap on a session to see the details

Q: Why should I connect a notebook to the conference app ?

A: BlackBerry 10 comes pre-installed with the Remember APP, where you can create notebooks. The best thing: you can connect Remember with Evernote and sync your notes with your desktop.

Notebooks not only store text – you can add audio, images, video, attachments.

Remember is integrated into BlackBerry Jam Asia Conference App: you can add notes to every session you’re attending.

Q: Why is my Profile Page disabled ?

A: You must do a Login to get the Profile Page.

Q: Where’s my Schedule ?

A: You must do a Login to get your Schedule and your Interests. If you’re not logged in, there will be no Actions available to add to / remove from your schedule.

Q: What about my Password ?

A: The BlackBerry Jam Conference App will not store your username and password you’re using to login. If your Credentials are OK, we’ll get an Auth – Token from the server and only this token will be stored and used to get access to your data.

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