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ekkes Express Charts: the easy way to create charts on-the-fly directly from your BlackBerry 10 device.

Probably you know BlackBerry EXPRESS as a new way to create beautiful presentations. Are you missing chart diagrams to be inserted into your presentations ?
ekkes Express Charts can easy be integrated into the workflow: simply click on ‘Image’ in BlackBerry EXPRESS and invoke ekkes Express Charts, enter the values and get you chart image directly into your presentation.
ekkes Express Charts can also be used as a ‘normal’ APP. ekkes Express Charts is a native Cascades APP and gives you Bar Charts and Slider Charts in version 1.0.0 – more chart types will follow.
Data can be entered in detail column by column or you use the ‘Easy Data Entry’ to speed it up: a special page to enter Title, Label and Values and get it all generated with defaults.

ekkes Express Charts can be used in your work perimeter. Images can be stored on BlackBerry Work Drives and are available in your enterprise from the shared network drive.

ekkes Express Charts not only is a easy – to – use tool to generate charts on-the-fly: you can customize and store your charts as templates or for later use.
Configure Colors for Background, Text and Values. Colors can be selected from predefined Colors or set using ARGB sliders or enter Hex values.
Space (padding) around the Image can be set for Top, Bottom, Left and Right. There’s even a switch button to easy set special values for BlackBerry EXPRESS presentations to avoid overlapping with slide titles.

You get fullscreen Images captured by the application. ekkes Express Charts supports Portrait and Landscape.

Export one or more data models and send them attached to an email directly out of the APP. The receiver simply clicks on the attachment and ekkes Express Charts will be launched automagically by Cascades Invocation Framework.
csv support is scheduled for a later release.
ekkes Express Charts can not only be invoked from BlackBerry EXPRESS – there’s a target definition for image/jpeg, so developers can integrate it easy into their own applications.

Twitter, LinkedIn, BBM, BlackBerry World and more are integrated.

There’s only Shared Files Permission needed. We need a folder to store the images and to exchange with other apps like BlackBerry EXPRESS. From Application Menu | Settings you can select your default folder.

ekkes Express Charts is developed by ekke, an Independent Software Architect and BlackBerry Elite Developer.
ekkes Express Charts is a FREE app and will always remain as a FREE app.
In-APP-Payment can be used to donate to say thank you and support future development.

ekkes Express Charts runs on touch and keyboard devices with minimum OS 10.2.0

There will be some articles explaining the workflows in detail.

Find a first Overview here.

Have fun !

You need an app ? ask ekke

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ekkes is member of ….

BlackBerry Elite

about ekke

About ekke


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ekkes apps: Conference2Go JAX

Conference2Go JAX

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Conference2Go JAX is
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Conference2Go EclipseCon

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Conference2Go EclipseCon is
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OpenDataSpace is
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ekkes apps: AllAboutMyB-101


ekkes-apps: TeaTimer

ekkes TeaTimer

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ekkes Tea Timer is
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ekkes-apps: ServiceCars


(c) 2012 Creative Commons License 3.0 (BY-NC-SA) by ekkescorner

About ekkescorner

ekke (Ekkehard Gentz): International Development native Mobile Business Apps BlackBerry 10 | Qt Mobile (Android, iOS) workshops, trainings, bootcamps and consulting. BlackBerry Elite Developer BlackBerry Platin Enterprise Partner ekke works as Independent Softwarearchitect in the domain of business applications (ERP) since more then 30 years. He likes to develop high quality mobile apps for customers around the world. ekke is speaker on national and international developer conferences, writes articles, blogs at and tweets @ekkescorner. more infos on native mobile app development: ekke lives in the south of Germany and in his spare time he likes to travel with family as backpacker to greek islands.
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